Things You Can Buy

By Dr. Lilli Nielsen

ESSEF Board positioned on the floor below a ladder which is attached to the wall.Many handicapped children perform all too few leg and feet movements, and many children have difficulty in learning to keep their balance. The “Essef Board” may diminish these problems.

While sitting on the lap of an adult, on a chair, or in a wheelchair the child can kick against the “Essef Board” standing on the floor. By means of the holes in the board the “Essef Board” can be hung on the wall serving as a background for kicking games for a child in the supine position or for pushing games for a sitting child using back or hands.

The “Essef Board” can of course also be used for jumping either with support from an adult or while the child holds onto, for example, a wall bar.

On top of the “Essef Board” can be placed several toys that will “dance” when the child activates the spring, by beating or pushing on the board.

The upper board can be provided with netting or, ruffled plastic. This produces an effect of an interesting haptic stimulus at the feet. Also the ruffled plastic and be used to make noise with the fingers or other objects.


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