Here are a list of sources for purchasing some of the specific materials shown on this website.

sources al materials collage

Able Net Inc. - 1-800-322-0956
(Switches/computer/communication devices)
Achievement Products 
(products for children with special needs)
Adaptations by Adrian – 1-888-214-8372 
(Adapted clothes- ponchos and outerwear)
Benik Corporation – 1-800-442-8910 
(Benik Vests, elbow/hand splints)
Brookstone – 1-800-846-3000
(Hand-held massagers)
Discovery Toys – 1-800-341-8697
(Discovery Links)
Easy Access Clothing 1-800-775-5536
(Adapted clothes)

seedpod rattle

Enabling 1-800-832-8697
(Switches and adapted toys)
Fat Brain Toys Toll Free Number: 1-800-590-5987  and International Phone: 1-402-779-3181 
Flaghouse - (Catch, Flying Start, Giant Leaps, Going Strong) 1-800- 793-7900
(Special needs products)
Guitar Center 
(Used musical instruments)
(children's toys)
Imagine the Challenge
(children's toys)
Inclusive TLC – 1-800-462-0930 
(Switches/computer/communication devices)
Jump In
Kaplan Early Learning Company
(developmentally appropriate educational products) 
(educational products)
Music is 1-800-888-7502
(Seed Rattles, Paddle Drums, thunder tubes,Cabasa/Afuche)
Music 1-800-432-5487
(Kits for thumb piano’s, harps, etc.)
Patterson Medical (Sammons/Preston) 1-800-499-0285 1000 Remington Blvd., Suite 210 Bolingbrook, IL 60440-5117
(Inner-lip or Inside-edge Plates)
School Specialty – (Abilitations, Integrations, Special Needs, Physical Education) 1-888-388-3224
(Ping Pong Balls by gross, other special needs products.)
Shindigz – 1-800-314-8736
(Mylar curtain hanging in Movement Therapy room)
Southpaw 1-800-228-1698
(Track systems – rotational devices, Z-vibes, Snow Mobility, Velcro sticky wall, marble Sensory Ring)
TFH Fun & Achievement 1-800-467-6222
(Activity arches/walls, Musical Round-About, Wall Paletto, head massager, mini massager)
West Music – 1-800-397-9378
(Remo- Lynn Kleiner Gathering Drum, Seed Rattles, Paddle Drums, Thunder Tubes, Canary Sticks, Desk Bells)


gathering drum