Adapted from Space and Self, (Nielsen, 1992)

Most objects could be perceived as useful as equipment for the “Little Room” or the Position Board. It is the children’s reaction in the form of increased activity that indicates whether an object is attractive.

The list of objects presented here is meant as inspiration and to demonstrate that attractive objects can be found in all kinds of shops.

Although an object is mentioned as having tactually attractive qualities, it may have been just as relevant to describe it as auditorially attractive, as changeable in a shape, or by some other characteristic. Several of the chapters in "The Comprehending Hand"  mention other attractive objects.

In the book “The Comprehending Hand” (Nielsen, 1977), there is also a list of objects.

Objects with Tactually Attractive Qualities

Objects with Auditorially Attractive Qualities

Objects to Hang Along the Wall Module

Objects Promoting Concept of Numbers and Parts to Whole

Objects for Experience of Weight and Temperatures

Objects to Inspire Putting Fingers into Holes

Objects that will Change Shape

Seven thousand, seven hundred and seventeen other things!

 attractive object collage