The HOPSA-dress is designed to give learners who are unable to stand independently, the opportunity to actively move their legs while in a standing position.  Over time, individuals with special needs can improve arm and leg movements, head control, trunk control, muscle strengthening, practice weight bearing, improve circulation, improve balance and achieve the skills necessary for standing and walking.  The Velcro belt secures the child, and has a snap quick release.  The HOPSA-Dress can be attached to a single point such as an eye hook on a swing set, to a track system to allow the learner to move in a straight line over a specific distance, or to a floating H-track system to allow for free movement in any direction.  It is manufactured in three sizes to fit children and adults. The HOPSA-dress is attached to a crossbar for support, which is then secured using a pulley or lift system. 

Below is a video clip of a young boy using a HOPSA Dress on the track system at Penrickton Center for Blind Children in Taylor, Michigan.

Jack using HOPSA

Original webcast date: 09/01/2016
Description: Jack uses a HOPSA dress and explores, both, beads and spoons attached to the dress and crinkle paper, plastic pegs and rice in containers under his feet.

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A Science Lesson Using a HOPSA Dress

Here is a simple science lesson taught in an environment using a HOPSA dress.

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 Read more about the HOPSA dress and find out how to order one.

hopsa dress collage