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  • Kate Hurst
2 years 6 months ago
Lilli's book

So I was looking through Lilli's book, Educational Approaches for Visually Impaired Children and came across something about these which she calls Activity Book (see p. 99). Her book seemed to focus on "pockets" with only 1-2 pages. She suggests beginning with a single button (as I read it), then later a large button and then a smaller one. Also on one page she has a pocket and suggests putting a small toy or piece of candy or something to be used in the next activity in the pocket. Then she mentions adding a page where the pocket has a zipper. She does say "the book must be adapted for the pupil's ability and gradually one or two pages can be exchanged for more difficult tasks. In this way, the book is always a challenge for the pupil." Her design for the book is simply small sheets of pegboard with rings holding them together like a book. It is one of the activities included in the chapter titled, "From Games to Daily Living Skills".

  • Charlotte Cushman
2 years 6 months ago
Lilli's book

We love those books too! We have included a sample and we have also shared detailed plans from Diane Sheline on how to make your own:

Here is another example:

We are finding that most people make their own and we are not aware of them being available commercially at the moment. We hope others will let us know if they know of a source!

  • Kathryn Iliff
2 years 6 months ago
Lilli's book

Here is a photo of a valuable resource we have at Narbethong: Lilli's Book. Does anyone else have these? Being used ? In what ways I would like to know ways they are being used . Are they being made anywhere. We are finding they are getting very difficult to reproduce so consequently have fewer in the school. Great for early page turning and object permanence as well as a surface to have deconstructing and constructing taking place. I also added a position board showing a rope attached at one end for easy hanging and storage.


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