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2 years 7 months ago #70 by Tracy Wilks
Tracy Wilks created the topic: Resonance Board
One of the PTs for a student of mine is hesitant to place the student on the resonance board without some barrier underneath him. Obviously I don't want the student to be in pain or uncomfortable while in the Little Room; but I am well aware that the resonance board will provide the student with a lot of helpful information. Would the student still benefit from the Little Room if it were set up for him while he is lying on a mat table?
  • Kate Hurst
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2 years 7 months ago #76 by Kate Hurst
Kate Hurst replied the topic: Resonance Board
I would ask the PT what his/her concerns are about the Resonance Board first. If the child's comfort is the concern I think this worry is misplaced. While a harder surface may feel funny to a child who has only known soft surfaces, like a mattress or blanket, it should not be harmful. Think of how often you see children AND adults sprawled on a floor. The Resonance Board actually has a lot of give in it and if you try it out yourself you will see it is not uncomfortable. However, if the child finds it uncomfortable he will usually let you know in some dramatic way. Generally after having some exposure to the Resonance Board (maybe short times at first) most children seem to enjoy it. But beyond that, for a visually impaired child the auditory and tactile feedback they receive is invaluable in motivating them to move. Putting a mat or blanket over the board dampens that effect. I would advise against doing that. Let me know what the PTs objections are based on....I'd be curious to know.
  • Tracy Wilks
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2 years 7 months ago #79 by Tracy Wilks
Tracy Wilks replied the topic: Resonance Board
Thanks, Kate. I will ask the PT to elaborate and let you know what happens. I absolutely do not want to nix the resonance board and the access to information it provides. Just trying to address the concerns of teammates, all of whom are unfamiliar with the Active Learning approach and the related equipment/methods. I appreciate your input!
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